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Brought to you by the CLW Committee, LYV's Summer Camp is an immersive four-day experience designed for high school students from years 7 to 12. The heart of this camp lies in forging profound relationships, both with peers and with Christ, all while enhancing the vital skill of teamwork. It takes place in an environment that offers unwavering support and a rich spiritual atmosphere.


Taking place in the January school holidays, this enchanting summer camp unfolds at the picturesque Araluen Lutheran Campsite in Anglesea. It boasts a diverse array of activities, encompassing team-building challenges, introspective moments, meaningful Worship services, intimate small group studies, and precious opportunities for nurturing deeper connections with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


2024 saw the inaugural LYV Summer Camp run and what a time it was! There was an abundance of laughter, games, time by the ocean and fun memories created. 

Check back here later for Summer Camp 2025 dates!

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