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Christian Life Week

Christian Life Week (CLW) camps are a faith-based program designed to provide a transformative and enriching experience for young people within the Christian community. CLW is held twice a year. Once during the winter (CLW Purple) school holidays, and once during the spring (CLW Orange) school holidays. CLW offers a unique opportunity for participants to come together, explore their spirituality, build meaningful connections, and engage in various activities that promote personal growth and character development.


Key features and aspects of the CLW include:


Spiritual Growth: The camp places a strong emphasis on nurturing and deepening the

faith of its youth. It provides a supportive environment for participants to reflect on their

beliefs, engage in discussions, and grow in their relationship with God.

Community Building: Campers have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals

who share their faith and values. Lifelong friendships are often forged, as attendees

come from various congregations within the Victoria and Tasmanian region.

Worship and Bible Study: Daily worship services, prayer sessions, and Bible studies

are integral components of the camp. These activities are designed to help campers

strengthen their understanding of Lutheran theology and the Christian faith.

Creation and Fun: In addition to spiritual activities, the camp offers a diverse range

of recreational activities, such as sports, arts and crafts, nature hikes, and bonfires.

These activities not only add an element of fun but also help campers bond and create lasting memories.

Community Service and Outreach: By incorporating community service projects into camp, this allows campers to give back to the local community and put their faith into action through acts of service and compassion.

                                        Leadership Team: CLW is led by groups of committed and enthusiastic volunteer leaders,                                                  including camp parents and a camp pastor.

                                       Unplugged Experience: CLW offers campers an opportunity to disconnect from electronic                                                   devices and fully immerse themselves in the camp's activities, fostering a deeper sense of                                                 connection with nature and fellow campers.


                                       Safety and Inclusivity: The camp strives to create a safe and inclusive environment where all                                             participants feel welcome, regardless of their background, abilities, or individual circumstances.

CLW is a holistic experience that combines faith, fellowship, and personal development. It offers young people a chance to strengthen their relationship with God, build lasting relationships with peers, and develop essential life skills while enjoying the beauty of nature in a supportive, faith-filled environment.


To find out more information about attending a Christian Life Week in any capacity (leader, camper, camp pastor, camp parent, visitor), contact Emilie-Rae Woodhead on
To stay in touch with the Christian Life Week social media, click the link to the CLW facebook page.

Keep an eye on this page for the release of dates and theme for our 2024 camps.

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