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Easter Camp

LYV’s Easter Camp is run annually over the Easter Long Weekend each year. Easter Camp is a camp focused on young adults (18+) to be able to come together, connect, share their faith journeys and learn from others over the weekend. Each year Easter Camp has a new theme focusing on different aspects of The Lords Journey to the Cross. Easter Camp offers many different activities over the weekend which include small group study sessions, whole camp games, electives to be able to choose your timetable and Worship services to be able to spend more time with Christ.

Easter Camp is built around the fellowship of the cross and the community of believers. It celebrates individual components of the greater church body gathering together to profess their faith in the events of Easter; that Jesus Christ, the one true son of God, was crucified for the sake and sins of the world, and three days later rose again triumphant over death.

Click the link below to register for Easter Camp 2024.

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