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About the LYV


Empowering Youth in Victoria

The LYV Stands for Lutheran Youth of Victoria (and Tasmania) and focuses on working towards the young people within our District becoming ‘mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ' (Ephesians 4:13), especially in the context of an antagonistic culture.

These busy but critical times in the lives of many of our young people. We look forward to working with people and congregations to make sure that those who are moving or starting new endeavours are welcomed and encouraged in faith communities.

The Lutheran Youth of Victoria (LYV) Committee support this ministry along with many volunteer teams who help to create and run our various camps and events throughout the year. These include our popular camps such as Christian Life Week, Easter Camp and Summer Camp, as well as our training day for all leaders and mentors within the District, Empower.

The LYV Committee is run by dedicated volunteers who meet on a regular basis to help create, monitor and run events, guide our various other committees (CLW Committee & Easter Camp Committee) to help them run their various camps and ensure the needs of the youth and young adults within the Victoria and Tasmania District are being met.

The LYV committee serve as mentors for new members joining the overall Lutheran Youth of Victoria, particularly recent school leavers who are starting their journey in adulthood and navigating their way through the transition from classroom to real world. The LYV committee would love to be in touch with any new youth or young adults to our District who may have also recently moved from interstate.

The current LYV committee consists of the following members: Michael ‘ Mog’ Benbow (Committee Chair), Alex Muschamp, Rachel Schier, Emilie-Rae Woodhead, Nadia Erickson, Pastor Levi Graham & Pastor Lucas Matuschka. If you, or someone you know are interested in joining the LYV committee please reach out to us.

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